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    The 5 Dollar Friday Unfair Advantage

    The Real 5 Dollar Friday advantage is what we can do for you!!!

    I can sum it up in one simple word.  MORE...

    More high end FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS than any other IM Site on the planet.  Software, Info Products, Resellers to mention just a few. 

    Over $200 in weekly giveaways weeking in 100% FREE Giveaways.  No optin necessary...how's that for awesome!

    But that is just the beginning of the zero cost goodies.  We also have Members only free offers.  All giveaways are not created equal and we up the game and the value for our members.

    Oh ya...did I mention that membership is also FREE 🙂

    Membership has its privileges.  Every month our valued members get free credits to spend on premium products.  Top Selling marketing products for zero dollars.  It doesn't get better than getting high end resources without any payment or obligation.

    Our 100% off club gives our members even more ways to build their marketing empire without paying even one penny.  No payment just pick the product you want and it's yours without any cost.

    Now as you can already see there is no other site quite like 5 Dollar Friday.  Our #1 goal is to be part of our success.  It's just smart business, cuz we know the more successful you are the more successful we are.  

    FREE products are awesome, but the life of every online business lives or dies on its ability to generate visitors and traffic to it's offers.  So we want to give you some 100% FREE traffic too!  Each week one of our members will receive a total traffic package ranging from 50 to 5,000 clicks.  Real traffic from real people visiting our sites.(we are very good at driving traffic)

    If you purchased a Sola Ad for 5,000 clicks that could cost between $3,500 - $6,000.  That's what I call one hell of a free prize.  But we are still not done.  Each week we will also have a guaranteed subscriber prize.  The winning member gets a total done for them listing building campaign guaranteed to produce 50 - 1000 subscribers added directly to their Autoresponder.

    Remember at the beginning of this Blog post I said what we have to offer you is MORE.  Well we want to massively overdeliver. more freebies, more giveaways, more prizes, much much more value than any other digital marketing site online. 

    What most marketers need most is accurate and current information.  The current "what, when, where and why" of our industry.  The what's working now money methods that any marketer(even newbies) can put into practice in as little as 20 minutes.

    So every 2nd Thursday we hold a 20 Minute Money Method training, exclusively for our members.  On these live training events I share all my secrets to driving traffic, generating leads and selling.  Best part is these new skills can be done in small time blocks of 20 mins or less.  So that even the most time challenged person can build a profitable business online.  My way to demonstrate that I am super serious about your success.

    So What's In It For The 5 Dollar Friday

    I find it so weird that the secret to success is so simple and has is being presented to us everyday in many ways yet we find so many reason to ignore it.  Thankfully I truly understand that "The MORE I GIVE The MORE I GET"

    So at 5 Dollar Friday we give as much as I possible so we can achieve any level of success we desire.  

    A big part of online success is sales and income.  I know I said some ugly words there.  Yes we want you to buy from us.  We want you to buy from us every time we prove a solution to your need.

    The best way to accomplish that is to continue the give BIG TIME.  So hear is our promise to you.  If you ever find any product we offer available for a lower price anywhere we will give you that product free plus an extra $100 for bringing it to our attention.

    That is the most massive price guarantee you will ever see.  We can offer it solely because we provide the lowest pricing available period.  No vendor, No competitor, No Seller will ever come close to our pricing.  

    Always 90+% off the real, actual retail price.  No bogus price claims here.  If we charge $5 then the real retail price of that product is a minimum of $50.  Our actual average discount is above 94% so when I say we will not be beat I guarantee it.

    We guarantee to provide that absolute lowest pricing for all types of marketing products.  Find it for less and get it free plus $100.  We have every confidence our pricing will never be beat.

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