Focus On The Secret Sauce To Win The Money Game

    or Listen To The Gurus & Stay Broke...

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    Like most online marketers I struggled for years trying to figure out the income puzzle.  The Gurus were all selling different pieces to the puzzle guaranteeing results if you would just learn what the were teaching.

    So I purchased course after course, method after method, only to become totally overwhelmed by the number of skills it appeared I would have to master to become a successful online entrepreneur.  

    > Copywriting

    > Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing(SEO & SEM)

    > Pay Per Click Marketing

    > Email Marketing

    > Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

    > Content Marketing

    > Data/Analysis

    > Tech Savy(Mastering Latest Technology)

    > Organization & Project Management

    > Marketing Automation

    > Advanced Social Media Marketing(free and paid)

    > Customer Relations Management(CRM)

    > Basic Design Skills

    > Mobile Marketing

    > Influencer Marketing

    > Video Marketing

    All the Gurus were wrong!!!

    The FACT is you only have to learn to do 2 things to start making money right away.  Does that mean you don't have to learn all the other skills?

    If you want to make $500 to $5000 per month you only need to do 2 things consistently every day.  If you want to earn $20,000 - $100,000 per month then you are definitely going to need be at the advanced level of most of the skills I mentioned above.

    So how can you skip all the hard stuff, save a tremendous amount of time and start earning a great passive income immediately?

    Focus on the only 2 crucial money making skills you need to start earning immediately.  Then focus on other skills that interest you once the money starts rolling in.

    The Secret Sauce To Skipping Over The Hard Stuff

    & Heading Straight For The Money

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    What Are The Essential Money Skills?

    #1 - Build an Email List

    On day 2 of this mini series I shared the "Dirty Little Traffic Secrets".  You learned about the biggest business killers and how to avoid them.  If you missed then click the link above, it is must know stuff!

    Now the short version is that "The Rule of Seven" states the it takes 7 exposures to your brand before a new prospect will whip out their credit card and buy from you.  That second half of the deadly duo is that 90 to 95 percent of all website visitors never return.

    If you need 7 exposures to make a sale and return visits are virtually non existent then you have a serious problem unless your have your own built in traffic and re-targeting system.  The ability to send emails anytime you what about anything you want is what makes more money online than any other marketing method.  "ALL THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST"!

    An email list is every internet marketing professionals most valuable asset.  Nothing is even a close second.  It is the one business cost you can not skimp out on.  But if you're on a real tight budget we've got you covered.  We have several options from $0 to a small one time payment.

    #2 - Build Money Pages

    Lead Capture Pages

    Thank You/Delivery Pages

    Bonus Pages

    Sales Pages

    Let talk MONEY PAGES!!!

    Your business building and profit potential all begin with Lead Capture Page.  This is where the List Building Magic begins, to grow a profitable email lists you need to be able to build Lead Capture pages.  A better way to describe this skill is to build giveaway pages to attract new prospects to subscribe to you email list.

    The first part of this process is finding the right Giveaway.  At 5 Dollar Friday we hand deliver to you more 100% premium FREE marketing tools that anywhere else.  Meaning we will supply you an endless supply of Ethical Bribe(Gifts) to attract the attention of your prospect and persuade them to sign up to your email list.

    The next type of "money page" is the Thank You or Delivery page.  Your new subscriber joined your email list because you promised them a gift of value.  So once the sign up you need to build a page to thank them and deliver what you promised.  I like to put a sales offer directly under the gift they are wanting to access 🙂

    The 3rd type of money page that dramatically increase sales are Bonus Pages. These pages increase the value of any product you are trying to sell by offering the potential buyer additional premium products for free if they buy.  All top affiliate marketers offer bonuses to beat out the competition.     

    Lastly is the Sales Page, which is only required if you are going to create your own product. If you are selling Amazon, ClickBank, Jvzoo or other affiliate offers then the sales page is created by the vendor.  However once you master the page building process you will be ready to create and launch your own product.

    The Good News is page building in 2020 is super simple.  When it comes to Graphic Design my God given skills are on the extreme low end.  With todays technology you don't even need artistic talent.  I just use the professionally designed templates created by talented designers.

    The BAD News is that all of the good Page building systems are costly.  The pages builder that are easy to use and have great done for you template average between $67 - $297 per month.

    $53 per month(paid annually)

    $199 per month

    $197 per month

    $79 per month

    $97 - $297 per month

    High Page Builder Costs Handcuffs Most New Marketers

    Over the last 4 days I've been promising a Total Marketing Solution for as low as $2.50 per month.  Today I going to show you the POWERHOUSE system I use in my business.  Below are some short demos of how easy it is to build money pages on demand.  

    Demo #1 - 5 min Capture Pages

    Build your mailing list faster

    The Easiest Page Builder Period.  Even a complete newbie can build professional looking pages in just mins.

    You can capture new leads with a Stunning Lead Capture Page...

    Demo #2 - Thank You Pages

    Deliver Value & Sell Too!

    Ensure fast access to your promised Freebie.  Create Trust with your new subscriber

    And begin the selling process immediately...

    Demo #3 - Bonus Pages

    ​Irresistible Sales Offers

    Everyone is selling something.  Don't be like the rest.  Create unbeatable value and win the sales every time

    All Top marketers use Bonus Pages.  

    Soon you will be able too...

    Demo #4 - Sales Pages

    Import Any Sales Page

    Build Awesome Sales pages with over 1,000 Templates to choose from

    Or just import and of your affiliate offers directly inside your Profit Center System. 


    1.  Online Income is impossible to sustain if you cannot control your traffic.

    2.  Building an email list provides your own private repeat traffic source.

    3.  Creating your own Web Pages is how to grow your email list and create sales opportunities

    4.  The Profit Center System is a total solution for as low as $2.50 per month

    Click Image For Complete Demo

    So are you going to start building pages and an email list?

    Are you going to put an end to the "Dirty Little Traffic Secret"?

    Are you going to slay the 2 biggest business killers?

    If you are truly serious about earning an online income then I know you said yes, yes, yes!

    All of us here at 5 Dollar Friday look forward to being part of your success story

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