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Find Out How We Made 174K In 60 Days Selling This Software To Restaurants!

All in 1 Platform For Restaurant Owners Around The Globe!

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See, Here is the business opportunity that you might have missed...

Restaurants ALL over the WORLD are TIRED of
paying commissions & Fees for Food Delivery.

At this time, lots of restaurants are forced to
encourage their customers to order a take out or
deliver to their homes due to COVID-19..

Because of that, they are paying 10-15% from their
PROFIT to companies like doordash, grubhub etc

If they want to set up their own platform to manage all
the orders, drivers, managers, kitchen team etc, it will
cost them about $5,000 Setup Fee + $299 per month
+ 5% from each order....

That's a RIP-OFF....

We wanted to fix this for the restaurant industry for
once and all, so we got to work & after 3 months,
we built a system that takes care of the ENTIRE process
for them........

Like Literally... Everything...

Presenting "Restaurant Profits" Platform

Restaurant Profits is a all in one self hosted platform for restaurant owners who can run their ENTIRE
restaurant business including online orders, kitchen orders, delivery from one central place!

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Badass Features That Restaurants Will LOVE

  • Front end ordering website
  • Works on Mobile & All devices
  • Order Straight To Kitchen
  • Kitchen to Driver/Delivery Person
  • Live Order Tracker
  • Accept Credit/Debit & PayPal
  • Upsell Food Addons 
  • Built-In Loyalty Points
  • Built-In Referral System
  • Use in ANY Langauge
  • Multi-Location & Brands
  • Refund/Cancellation Module
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Built-In Offer Creator
  • Source Code Included

Restaurant Owners PAY HARD COLD CASH For This Platform

What's Included With The Purchase?

  • Source Code of Platform ( Worth $45k )
  • Setup Instructions
  • Generic Tour Video
  • Generic Sales Video
  • Sales Page
  • Powerful Training Sessions
  • Future Updates
  • Support

World Class Reseller Training

  • Where to Find Restaurant Owners
  • Sell Without Calling or Doing Demos
  • Sell via Email & LinkedIn
  • Every Restaurant/Bar Needs This Now
  • Sales Page Included

Are You READY to help restaurants &


Sell To 50 Businesses

Sell To UNLIMITED Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will I receive FULL source code of the platform?

Yes. You will receive a FULL SOURCE code for the
ENTIRE platform. This cost us almost 45k to build.
All YOURS to sell and make money off.

Is sales page and generic sales video Included?

Yes. We will provide you with a copy of sales page
and also GENERIC sales video to help you sell this.

Is there TRAINING on how and where to sell ?

Yes. You will receive training on EVERYTHING that
you need and we are here to help you whenever
you need the help.

Can I rebrand this?

Oh yes. The software is UNBRANDED and you are
FREE to change branding as you see fit.