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Want To 10x Your Profits, Explode Your Client Base And
Be Able To Sell Engage Bots To Potential Buyers?

Get Unlimited Paydays With Membership To Our VIP Sales Academy - PLUS Wipe Out Your Competition With 40x Of The Latest Cutting-Edge, Bang On Trend Botengage Templates Delivered To Your Inbox Every Single Month - (That’s 480 A Year!)

PLUS Get A 250+ Templates RIGHT NOW As An Instant Kickstart!


ALL The Benefits Of An Training Academy AND a
A Template Club WITHOUT ANY Monthly or Recurring ees!

Dear Lucky Marketer,

This is your acceptance letter,

To become a Botengage VIP -

Which gives you exclusive access to our VIP Sales Academy and Template Collective -

Now you are a VIP member, you’ve put yourself at the forefront of Botengage profits -

Both increasing the results and profits you’re going to get from USING Botengage -

AND the profits and results you’re going to get from selling on your AI Bots to rabbid buyers!

With this groundbreaking mix of
#Easy-to-Follow, Fast-to-Action Sales Training
#A Selection Of Brand New, Ready-to-Go Bot Templates Delivered Every Single Month
#Over 250+ Stunning VIP Bot Templates INSTANTLY

  • Stay well ahead of your competition
  • Know how to milk more money out of your own bots
  • Know how to sell more bots to more people, more often - and have the tools to do so!
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The Best Bits Of Going Platinum:
Botengage VIP Sales Academy:


  • How To 10x Your Sales With Botengage AND Your Sales Of Bots With Botengage!
  • How To Create The World’s Highest Converting, Best Performing Bots With Botengage
  • How To Use Botengage’s AI Technology To 10x Your Conversion Rates With Lead Magnetizing
  • How To Create Chatbot Messages That Hypnotize Your Visitors Into Handing Over Their Money And Or Email…
  • How To Find New Clients To Buy Bots From You All The Time…And How To Find Those Clients Who Will Pay YOu Time And Time Again...
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All Step-By-Step, EASY To Follow, FAST To Implement Masterclass.

Delivered By The Creators Of Botengage -

Who Know It Better Than Anyone Else -
And Can Now Pass This Superior Knowledge On To You!


Botengage Monthly Template Collective:
40x Superior Templates Every Single Month:
  • Ready to Go Whenever You Need Them
  • All Top Niches
  • Time-Saving
  • Effort-Saving
  • Constantly Refreshing
  • Keeps You Well Ahead Of Your Competition
  • Keeps You Looking Fresh And Current
  • Use For Yourself Or For Paying Clients $$$
  • 40 Premium VIP Templates Directly To Your Inbox EVERY SINGLE MONTH
  • Top Level Templates NOT Available ANYWHERE Else
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Botengage Template Injection
  • Over 250+ VIP Templates Delivered INSTANTLY.
  • In All The Hottest Niches
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Here’s A Sneak Peak At Some Of The Stunning.
Eye-Catching Premium Templates You’re Going To Get RIGHT NOW - INSTANTLY.

Ready To Use And Profit From -
Right Out Of The Box.
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PLUS - Every Single Month...
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You’re Going To Get Yourself More Than 40+ Kick-Ass, Designer Templates -

Delivered Fresh To Your Inbox Every Single Month -

Bringing Fresh New Styles In The HOTTEST Niches.

Ready To Go - Whenever You Need Them!

For Yourself -

OR To Sell On To Hungry Clients.

So You’ll Always Have A Slick New Template For Your Every Need…

AND Every Client.

Being A Platinum VIP Member Keeps You Well AHEAD Of Your Competition...

The Key To Making Money Online Is Longevity…

If you want to make bank big and often,

You need your endeavours online to be sustainable.

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And For This You Need Support, Guidance, Practical Training -
And The Tools To Do So!

And it needs to be ongoing.

So not only are we giving you all that -

Because Botengage is special - and you’ve got that all-profitable Commercial Licence included -

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We’re Also Going To Give You A Constantly Updating,
Refreshing, Red-Hot Library Of Botengage Templates -

So You Will Have A Never-Ending Set Of Ready To Go Templates -

To Use For Yourself And Your Clients.

No matter the niche - you’ll always find a template that fits perfectly.

So you can guarantee a cash injection from a satisfied client every time.

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Being A Platinum VIP Member
With Your Ever-Changing, Ever-Refreshing Library Of Templates -

Keeps You Way Ahead Of Your Competition And
Keeps You Forever Profiting From Botengage.

Our in-house design team work round the clock to constantly add fresh new Botengage templates to your arsenal -

In line with the latest online design trends.

To suit your every need,

In every niche.

Ready to go,

Whenever you need them,

Whatever you want them for.

Ready for you to personalize in just minutes!

Perfect for you -

And your number one magic weapon to go out and get more clients -

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PLUS - We’re Giving You More Than 250+ Of These
Time-Saving, Effort-Saving Templates INSTANTLY. 

So You Don’t Have To Wait Until Your First Template Delivery Lands To
Get Started With Making Tons Of Bots For Yourself -

And For Clients!
250+ Templates In The Hottest Niches Like This:

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Now You Can Make And Sell More Bots, For More People,
In More Niches With Less Effort. And Profit More.

And That’s Why We’re Covering All Bases.
Giving You A MASS Amount Of Templates NOW -

AS WELL AS FRESH, NEW, BANG ON TREND Designer Templates Every Month

Because The Truth Is - Not Only Do You Need More Templates -
You Also NEED Them To Be Constantly Bang On Trend...

Things move REALLY FAST in this industry -

Design styles that were ‘all the rage’ last month -

Can look outdated NOW.

Those money-making, conversion-getting strategies that worked last month -

Might have dried up right now -

You NEED to keep moving with the times to keep ahead of your competition...

We want your Botengage results and profits to constantly and consistently grow, flourish and last.

And we know you do too.

And there’s one REALLY easy way to make sure it does.


Sustain, Survive And Thrive -

With Essential Training To Start Selling….Keep Selling...And Get More Profitable By The Day…

And A Killer Set Of Brand New Templates Every Single Month To Expand Your Possibilities, Your Clients And Your Profits

Here’s Just A Few Of The Benefits You’re Going To
Experience Now You’re A Platinum VIP Member:

Leave Your Competition For Dust:

Now you are working your way through the training academy...And your 40 brand new stunning, expertly designed templates are landing at your feet every month, you are at the forefront of AI bot marketing. By refreshing your Botenenage template arsenal each and every month. Your competition just won’t be able to keep up.

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Keeps Your Business Always Moving Forward:

Now you’re a Platinum VIP Member you are constantly moving forward with your business. Moving with the trends, styles and times. We all know that longevity is the key to a great business and your membership unlocks that longevity for you to keep on making money with Botengage forever.

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And Remember You Only Have To Pay Once!

Right Now You’re Grandfathered In For A One-Time Price And Never Have To Pay Another Cent Ever Again!

And With 480 Templates Delivered To Your Inbox Over The Year -
PLUS An Extra 250+ Right Now -

That Means You Are Paying Less Than 13 Cents Per Template!

(And That’s Not Even Including The Value Of Your VIP Sales Academy!)

Giving You 730 Total Professionally Designed, Ready-To-Personalise Botengage Templates That’s Going To Make You Bank…Time And Time Again.

But Here’s The Bad News...
We Are Only Offering VIP Platinum Membership For This Exclusive Launch Period Only.

You valued Entrepreneurs who sign up now will be the
ONLY people who have exclusive membership for a one-time price.
The Very Second This Is Over, Pricing Will Revert To ONLY Monthly Pricing-

But Get In Today And You Will Be Grandfathered In For This Low One-Time Price.

So Click Below To Get Started Right Now For Just:
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PLUS: We’re going to support you every step of the way with our
exclusive community of Platinum VIP Members:

Introducing Our Botengage Mastermind Group

Where you will work personally with us to directly influence the new monthly templates, so YOU can have exclusive templates that work for you and your business, who you want to target and where you want to go.

The Facebook Mastermind Group allows you to learn, and share in a community of the smartest Botengage go-getters in the marketing world and work directly with us at Botengage

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Just Imagine How Good It Will Feel
When You Bag That Brand New Client -

With That Brand New Botengage Template
You Received In This Month’s Release.

The brilliant truth is Just ONE EXTRA CLIENT buying just one AI bot from you
(Which takes you as little as 90 seconds to make)
Can EASILY pay for your one-time membership today!

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Your 250+ Instant Templates Are A HUGE Kickstart…

And Your Fresh, Bang Up To Date Niche Templates,
Every Month Stop Your Business Going Out Of Date And You Getting Left Behind...

Getting swallowed up by the competition (Who will steal your sales)
And restricting the amount of people in the amount of niches you can sell your AI bots to!
(Without new templates - you will simply run out of people you can sell them on to)
And just imagine when that happens after your initial success and you and your family have got used to that extra income.
And splashing out that little bit extra on the things that are important to you.
When the clients dry up.
NOBODY wants that.

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So Let’s Make Sure That Never Happens And
The Easiest And Most Cost Effective Way Of Doing This Is To Click Here Now:

This Upgrade Is ONLY For Those Of You Who Are
Serious About Making Money.

Who Want To Milk Every Cent Out Of Your Investment In Botengage Today...
Here’s A Reminder Of Everything That’s
Included When You Get Started Right Away:

VIP Academy access to training course :

  • How to use bots to Increase your Sales?
  • Step by step Training course on how to create a chatbot, inpagebot that engage your customers
  • How to boost conversion rates by engaging leads directly
  • Ideas for Chatbots messages
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+40 Additional fresh and unique Bots templates each month for one year (no monthly or yearly fees) :

  • Unlock +10 InpageBot Done For You templates from popular HOT niches
  • Unlock +10 ChatBot Done For You templates from popular HOT niches
  • Unlock +10 ModalBot Done For You templates from popular HOT niches
  • Unlock +10 VideoBot Done For You templates from popular HOT niches
  • +250 INSTANT Templates
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Plus Get These Exclusive Fast Action Bonuses:
10 Professional Landing Page Templates Ready To Use!
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Giving you something new and super-useful to add your bots to!
That’s going to boost your lead capture results even further!