Buy A Domain

Step 1:
Purchase a domain of your choice or use the one you already have.


Go to Namecheap by clicking here

and login or register free if you are a first time user.

Type the domain name you may want in the search box.

Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and click on
Explore 400+ Additional Extensions

Look in the filter section and click on
$2 or less


Pl note that you must send us a domain which has no data
 on it as we will install your new site on it and all your data, emails
 etc will be lost if you are currently using the domain.


Step 2:

Please point your domain to our server, the nameservers are:


This video will teach you how to do that on GODADDY

This video will teach you how to do so on Namecheap

If it's another company you bought the domain from, please lookup youtube for instructions
on 'how to point nameservers' for that company

Once Done, after 15 minutes, please go to
 and paste your domain name there to check if the domain is successfully pointed to our server.

If you don't know how to point your domain to our server, please email us your namecheap account login link, username and password on


Step 3:

Send us the correct spelling of your domain name