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Hi {subscriber name},

Welcome, my name is [Insert Client Name], and I want to personally congratulate you on making the wise choice of becoming a founding member of the NetIncomeAcademy.Com.

The world changed forever in 2020.

Gone are many of the traditional jobs, business models and income methods.

The great news is that inside your Founders Membership you will learn how to turn your passions and skills into a new revenue stream of life changing income for you and your family.

Sign into your account here (insert the affiliate id here)

Let me know if you have any questions (I read every reply and will respond)

I look forward to being part of your online success!

~[Client Name]

P.S. - 2021 is going to bring new and exciting opportunities your way

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Subject - Some amazing online business facts

Hi [subscriber name],

When I first started building an online business, the potential was massive and then things changed.

COVID came along and turned the world upside down.

Record unemployment and business closures.

2020 was not a great year unless your work or business was online.

Prior to COVID there were about 30,000 new people each month looking to develop online income opportunities.

But in the summer of 2020, that number jumped to over 300,000 per month.

In 2021, millions of aspiring entrepreneurs are flocking to the internet to solve their money problems or provide new long term revenue streams.

That means a vast new opportunity is waiting for you.

Step 1:

Make the decision to grab your piece of this new economy

Step 2:

Sign into your Net Income Academy membership to learn how to grab a big piece of this massive new income pie.

(insert affiliate link here)

~[Client Name]

P.S. - If you have any questions just hit reply and I will be happy to help

Followup Series - Email 3

Subject - Their Income Quadrupled While Sick In Bed With COVID

Hi [subscriber name],

True story…

The co-creators of the Net Income Academy quadrupled their income while severely ill with COVID.

That’s just crazy, right?

The fact is, the entire month of July of 2020 Alica and Frank, co-creators of NetIncomeAcademy.Com, were sick in bed suffering from COVID-19.

What is even more astonishing is that their entire staff contracted the virus.

So, for all of July they were offline.  No sales, no service and no client support!

Thankfully everyone recovered and in August 2020, instead of joining the ranks of the broke and bankrupt, something very strange happened.

The earnings quadrupled.  They made 4X more money in August than they had ever made in any previous month.  

When I first heard about their incredible rebound, I was shocked and mystified.  So I asked Frank what they did to create such amazing results. 

This is what he said…

“There are millions and millions more people than ever before looking for an online answer to their bleak financial situation.  The only reason for the major increase in revenue is, we did not die of COVID.  Anyone who survives their current challenges and can provide value online will profit big time in this new world economy.”

What is your success story going to be?

Log into your Net Income Academy training center here…(insert affiliate link here)

And learn how to take the internet by storm.

This system was created specifically for you!  With over 2,500 training videos on any online business or marketing topic so you can succeed in this brave new world! 

~{Client Name]

P.S. - Not sure where to start?  Want some clarity in a sea of confusion? Reply to this email with any questions and I will be happy to assist you :)

Followup Series - Email 4

Subject - [subscriber name], are you going to let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by?

Hi [subscriber name],

When we encounter severe challenges and what seem like insurmountable obstacles, life also opens new doors with even bigger and brighter possibilities.

The online business world has always been profitable.

However, in 2021 and beyond, it presents the biggest opportunity to achieve anything you desire.

  • Ability to turn your biggest passions into your vocation
  • Live the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Deliver unlimited income potential
  • Create time freedom
  • So much more...

All you have to do is decide to take action.

Start Here (insert affiliate link)

Please note, your special opportunity to claim the entire Net Income Academy training library of over 2,500 online marketing videos closes today.

Claim it today for only a one time payment of $20 (insert affiliate link)

Tomorrow membership will be a recurring monthly fee.

Don’t miss out on your future.  Take action today!

~[client name]

P.S. - Remember I am here to help you every step of the way.  It would be my pleasure to be part of your online success story.

Dedicated To Your Success!
~ Frank and Alicia