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Step #1 - Watch the Video Below To Watch The for Affiliate Partner Program Walkthrough

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Step #2 - Click Prohibited Practices Button and Agree To The Terms

*** You must agree in to the above addition to our Terms and Conditions by sending a support ticket stating "I agree to the Affiliate Partner Prohibited Link Sharing and Post Practices" prior to us approving your account.  Accounts will be void and unable to earn commissions until we receive your agreement in writing ***

Step #3 - Create Your Affiliate Program Account

Step #4 - Promote FREE Funnels (Specifically FX funnel and Traffic Builder)

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Step #6 - Must Watch Recent Updates Sep 2020 Webinar

Step #5 - Survival Training (Seriously need to know FACTS)

Business Killers & What's Working Now

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How To Create More Income With Less Work

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There Is Virtually An Endless Supply

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Must Have Social Posting Tools

Let Clicks

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Retail Cost $27 setup and $9.95 monthly

*Click Images above to see actual Vendors Sales Pages - Then purchase below for huge discount

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